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Skinned Knees & Mended Hearts

“ My grief lies all within And these external manners of lament Are merely shadows to the unseen grief That swells with silence in the tortured soul” --William Shakespeare On Wednesday, I was leaving one of the schools where I work.  I was crossing the parking lot to my car and I tripped. There was no ice, no barriers in the road. I just tripped over my own two feet and went flying.  My knees broke my fall.  In the instant I hit the pavement, the pain was, in a word, intense .  I will admit that quite a few four letter words were uttered under my breath.  I inhaled deeply, gathered my bag (some of its contents spilling out onto the road), and hobbled the 20 more yards to my car.  I pulled up my pant legs to assess the damage.  Both knees were skinned.  I had errands to run so I started the car, thinking I'd stop at a drugstore for band aids if needed.  Interestingly, the incident took the first 10 layers of skin off my knees but the bleeding was slight.  By the tim


In between planning the Thumbs Up Ball and watching the Downton Abbey season finale , I somehow got a cold.  It's about time, I suppose.  I think it's been close to a year since I've had to miss a day of work because of illness.  With all the other germies that have been floating around in this relatively mild winter, I think I got off easy.  After spending almost three days either on my couch or in my bed, I've had plenty of time to reflect on the current state of things in my life.   Decor from the very festive Thumbs Up Ball The Thumbs Up Ball was a huge success for our foundation , thanks in no small part to the many sponsors and volunteers who shared their time and talents for our fundraiser.  We raised over $3000 with this event.   For that I am grateful .   The other big news of the week is that I was awarded the Eagle Rare Life Courage Award . I was nominated for this contest by my dear husband sometime back in spring 2011.  The first part of the con

The Dowager Countess Knows Best

This Sunday, the finale for Season 2 of Downton Abbey will air on PBS.  If you haven't yet discovered this work of historical fiction from across the pond, go watch Season 1 on Netflix right now.  Then you will be ready to catch up with Season 2.  There are a few episodes available streaming on the PBS website but you can't find the whole season there.  (Interestingly, Season 2 is already available on DVD so I guess some chaps already know how the finale will play out...) I love it when a story completely captures your attention like Downton Abbey  has for me.  It's got everything I love about Mad Men set 45 years England.  In fact, if you ever watched Mad Men and thought, "Wow! We sure have come a long way since the 1960s!" your mind will be completely  blown by the class structure and social hierarchy of English society in the early 20th century.  They were just so darn...proper.    Even though it is a proper British tale, there is still all

Unplanned Hiatus

I can't believe it's been over three weeks since I've blogged.  Admittedly, my life has been a bit busy. Aside from the job that pays the bills, CJSTUF has been gearing up for our next big event (next Saturday!) so I've been busy collecting items for our silent auction and tying up loose ends for the whole she-bang.  I'm still writing, too.  I wrote another piece or two for Insert Eyeroll and covered a story about the Ringling Bros. circus coming to town for Richmond Mom .   The problem is, at the end of the day, I'm tired. I have plenty of things to write about and there is no lack of source material. But I also love curling up with a good book or watching a movie or TV show as the day winds down. My latest obsession is old episodes of Monk  on Netflix.   A few of you have asked recently about my book: Four Seasons for Charlotte .  We are, indeed, working on a Spring 2012 publication date. I'm hoping for May.  I am in the process of working with the p