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Thoughts on Mortality

It was a lovely birthday week, even if I found it to be a bit exhausting! I was greeted with so many birthday wishes.  I was treated to breakfast in bed by my dear husband, my coworkers decorated my office, and I received messages of love throughout the week on Facebook, via phone, via text, and a few actual birthday cards.  I received $120 in donations for the Autism Speaks walk coming up on the 29th ( you can still donate if you're interested) and I'm hoping that the Lady Godiva Program and Eagle Rare Awards received lots of clicks this week.   Thank you to everyone who made the week special.  I suppose it was inevitable, but thoughts of mortality crept into my consciousness this week.  Of course, I thought of the terrorist attacks in the days leading up to my birthday. It seemed somewhat easier this year to "celebrate" despite the collective grief and remembrance that our country now faces every year at this time.  Maybe it was because we had crossed over

Room for one more

There was big news on our cul de sac this week.  The neighborhood grew by one. Yes, friends, you heard it here first.  We got a dog.  Well, to clarify, my brother got a dog and we will be helping to take care of him.  So technically, he's my "dog-nephew".   Meet Cisco! Cisco is a 12-year old hound mutt. His previous owner recently had a stroke and was unable to care for him properly.  He has had some wonderful "interim care" by the owner's sister and brother-in-law.  We got to meet him last week just to make sure it would be a good match and on Friday, he arrived at my brother's house for good.  He is wonderful.  He is mellow and loving. He knows a few basic commands. He rarely barks and it seems that he will get along well with other dogs. I love the fact that we have taken in an older dog.  As you probably know, older animals are usually tough to place with families.  Lots of people want cute puppies or younger dogs. I, however