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Still here

Another trip around the sun.  Another year where I cherished memories of you but I was denied the opportunity to create new ones that included you.  Another year in which I felt blessed in so many ways and yet, somehow, still felt some emptiness.  This year, we took some brave steps as a family. We grew . We welcomed someone else into our world. Sometimes it's challenging but mostly it's a joy.  You are still a part of this. Forever four. Forever in my heart. Since you left us in 2010, I have struggled each year with what feels like an "appropriate" way to acknowledge your birthday. It's not a celebration but sitting in a puddle of tears doesn't really work either. Almost every year, it's a largely private affair and the buildup to the day is almost always more difficult (emotionally) than the day itself. Even though I know that there is no correct  way to handle this strange thing called grief, there's a huge part of me that thinks I sh