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The Waves of Grief

There has been so much activity in the last few months, it has been easy to forget about the dates on the calendar until they sneak up on you.  Between book release events , CJSTUF activities , and my new job , I have had plenty to keep me busy.   At the same time, I feel my heart getting a little heavier every day.  I think it started right before Memorial Day. We were finalizing our vacation plans, looking forward to spending a few days with family at my father in-law's house in Tennessee.  I realized, looking at the calendar, that our vacation would end on July 8.  I would be back to work on July 9: Charlotte's seventh birthday.   Each day since that realization, life has been a little more challenging.  I feel more emotional.  I feel stressed.  Sometimes I wonder if I am feeling more stress about her birthday because of all of the other stressful things in my life right now (work, lack of time, etc.)? Is it challenging just because I am heaping something new onto

CJ's Daddy

At the beginning of chapter 3 of Four Seasons for Charlotte , I wrote: "If someone had walked up to me on the day that Roger and I meet and said, 'This is the man you are going to marry,' I would  have questioned that person's sanity." Readers who haven't known Roger and I for the decade and a half (plus!) that we have been together have remarked amusingly on this comment.  In fact, they have demanded photographic proof of the "hip graduate student majoring in Jazz Studies with long hair, a dangly earring, and wild clothes."   Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you photographic evidence: Exhibit A:The college ID, circa mid 90s.  Yes, Roger had hair.   Exhibit B: The fashion choices.  This was during a trip to Key West in 1995.  Note the stylish weightlifting pants and funky hat. Also note that Roger was not a weightlifter. I think he felt a deep fashion bond with the car we found along Duval Street.     This was our first trip to

Gaining Perspective

It never fails.  The minute I start blogging about not blogging for a while , I get flooded by writing opportunities.  Sometimes the absence is due to lack of inspiration and sometimes it is due to lack of time.  For whatever reason, writing about writing seems to get me back on track. Today I went to Virginia Blood Services for my regular platelet donation.  I have been donating blood since high school but I started donating platelets almost two years ago on Charlotte's birthday.  I have been making that my de facto mode of donation ever since.  My goal this year is to make at least 12 donations and I am on track to make that happen.   Sweet Abbie I think about Charlotte, and the other kiddos who require platelet and blood donations during their treatment, every time I make a donation.  Today, I thought especially about Abbie Waters since a blood drive was held yesterday in her honor .  I dedicated today's donation to her.  Giving platelets is a little more labor in

Hello, Blog! I've missed you!

It seems that there is a need for more hours in the day.  I just can't fit it all in.  Unfortunately, the writing has taken a hit these days.   Here is a small review of recent events: Starting next week, I will be taking on my new role as principal of The Dominion School. I was still tying up some loose ends with other projects but the gears are in motion.  There is so much to be done but I am super excited.   The book events continue.  I know that some people were frustrated by a delay in book delivery from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I think we have worked out the kinks in the warehouse distribution so if you have placed an order, it should arrive shortly.  I am slowly but surely lining up book signings and appearances into the fall.     Me! At the Ashland Strawberry Faire! A new reader buys a copy and enjoys a beverage at the Starbucks signing.   The biggest news I heard today is that the book is now available on Nook and Kindle so ebook l