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Hello, Blog! I've missed you!

It seems that there is a need for more hours in the day.  I just can't fit it all in.  Unfortunately, the writing has taken a hit these days.  

Here is a small review of recent events:

Starting next week, I will be taking on my new role as principal of The Dominion School. I was still tying up some loose ends with other projects but the gears are in motion.  There is so much to be done but I am super excited.  

The book events continue.  I know that some people were frustrated by a delay in book delivery from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I think we have worked out the kinks in the warehouse distribution so if you have placed an order, it should arrive shortly.  I am slowly but surely lining up book signings and appearances into the fall.    

Me! At the Ashland Strawberry Faire!
A new reader buys a copy and enjoys
a beverage at the Starbucks signing.

The biggest news I heard today is that the book is now available on Nook and Kindle so ebook lovers can rejoice (and order!).  There will be a version on iTunes shortly.  We are awaiting approval.  

Thank you to the many people who have sent me sweet notes or posted on my Facebook fan page about how much they have enjoyed the book.  I really appreciate the positive feedback.  

Did you see my interview on WTVR's Virginia This Morning? What a great experience!

I also was asked to guest host on the Hey! That's My Hummus podcast. We discussed grief and loss but there are lots of laughs as well.  I have talked about Mike & Faiqa's podcast before and it was an honor to be a part of their eclectic show.  It's available for free download on their website or in iTunes.  

I have been doing some writing on other sites too.  I interviewed Nicole Unice for her new book She's Got Issues at the Richmond Mom site.  

I almost forgot to mention that CJSTUF action still goes on as well.  We have been super busy with ComedySportz Richmond as the Biz of the Month for June.  We are also working behind the scenes on the upcoming Art Auction for October.  So much to do!

With that, I must close this blog post and run off to other projects.  I promise that the writing on the blog will continue! Thank you for keeping up with me.  

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