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My First "Follow Friday": Getting Personal

I joined the Twitter-verse two months ago and since then I've gained 151 followers and a whole new vocabulary. 

Tiny url
Follow Friday

I've decided to embrace the spirit of that last term and start my own #FollowFridays here on my blog. 

It seems that the first Follow Friday started with a single tweet on January 16, 2009 when Micah Baldwin had an amazingly simple idea: recommend someone that you follow to people who follow you. In true social media fashion, the idea has taken off and has now become a Friday ritual for the Twitter feed.

In that spirit, I bring you my first Follow Friday. Since you're not all on Twitter, I'm going to share bloggers as well as tweeters. 

My theme this week is: People I Follow Who I Know Personally
So in no particular order,I bring you....

Native Born: Faiqa and I went to high school together. So we're old friends. Actually, we weren't the best of friends in high school but we did take a lot of classes together. What I love about Faiqa's blog is that her posts are insightful, intelligent, and humorous on topics ranging from mommy-hood to international politics. I think if you like my blog, you'll love Faiqa.  It must be the result of our suburban, middle-class, International Baccalaureate education. Or maybe it's a birds of a feather thing. Anyway, if you agree and just can't get enough, she also tears up the media world with a podcast at Hey! That's my Hummus.  She's on Twitter as  @Faiqa. 

Avitable: On the other hand, reading Avitable's blog will put to rest any of that nature vs. nurture business. Adam went to my high school as well.  Our alma mater is about the only commonality we share. He is a year younger so he graduated the year after me. That explains his youthful glow. Adam's blog (and tweets) are not for the faint of heart. He's crass, crude, and borderline obnoxious. I love it! Sometimes you just gotta say what needs to be said, damn the torpedoes. Adam is also currently nurturing his talent in stand-up comedy. I'm not going to bring him to career day with the Kindergarteners but he's always good for a late-night laugh. We're laughing with you, Adam. Or for you. Or because of you. Well, maybe we're laughing at you. A little bit. Follow him at @Avitable

Czaplicki Takes Beijing: When we first bought our Romp n' Roll location, Anna was the bubbly birthday leader who taught me everything I needed to know about hosting a rockin' Romp n' Roll party. She is a talented young lady who is living the life of adventure and embracing the spirit of Carpe Diem.  When Romp n' Roll announced that they were opening locations in China and searching for Americans to work there, we suggested the opportunity to Anna. She was the perfect candidate: adventurous, responsible, creative, and one of the best employees our Romp n' Roll has ever had. Anna is also, apparently, just insane enough to give in to my arm twisting. Last July she embarked on a big adventure to work for a year with Romp n' Roll-China.  Her blog details her adventures in China, chronicling her experiences with cultural differences, adventures in the workplace, homesickness, and life in a foreign country.  Check out her blog but hurry: Anna returns to the states in 3 short months. 

Busting Fairy Tales: Sometimes you meet people and you know instantly that you will be friends for a long time. Even when you barely know them. That's how I've always felt about Amy. She and I met in grad school. Amy is real. Amy is spirit-filled. Amy is an amazing friend. She has supported me in so many ways. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for her thoughtfulness, wisdom, and wit.  She is also a darn good writer and an excellent speech-language pathologist. Amy is one of those people who takes her personal pain and turns it into a force for good. I've known this about her as long as I have known her but now she is sharing her spirit with the world with her blog. Thank you, Amy.

So that's my Follow Friday for this week.  Stay tuned for next week. New theme. New people to follow. TGIF.

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